VAPORIZER topic list for upcoming versions


Hello all,

here is a compilation of topics that we will address in the upcoming versions of the VAPORIZER. Let us know your priorities and additional wishes:


  • Additional performance tuning and additional SSE optimization (SSE optimization of MAC OS X version was improved significantly with version 0.70)
  • Midi learn function (done)

  • Oscillator sync (currently investigating)
  • Mono vs. mono legato mode (poly modes)
  • Make filter cutoff modulation logarithmical (done on UI)
  • Multiband processing for stereo chains (e.g. no stereo pan for low frequencies) (done)
  • LFO sync down to 1 bar, 2 bars, 4 bars, 8 bars (done)

  • Delay time sync to DAW
  • After the trial period (10 mins) is over go silent for 20 seconds or so and then come back


  • Many, many more factory presets - with version 1.00 we provide 2 factory banks with 28 patches each. With version 1.50 we want to provide > 200 presets.

UI Improvements

  • Better looking rotary knobs


  • User-definable ARP patterns (and a GUI for that)

 Long term

  • Create a RackExtension for Propellerheads Reason

Take care.


VAST Dynamics

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how many parameters are there? I ask because in some DAWS like Sonar there is a randomization function that can yield some decent results and I have made some presets using this to get me into usable sounds with several vsti. One synth that I tried this with froze my DAW due I think to the fact that it had several thousand parameters.

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Hi there,
there are around 200 parameters currently in Vaporizer. You should be able to use the randomizer function. In v1.20 we included a randomizer button in the GUI as well by the way.
BR Tobias

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you should survey people to find out what kind of computer they have PC or mac.

I have an I7 quad PC win 8.1 8gb / 1tb

Looking forward to demoing the synth and seeing how easy it is to create synth tones

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I suggest:

- control knobs assignable "soft knob".
a constant value knob changed by the user (with one automation for exemple).
this knob is controlling several knobs at differents ways.
i think the best way to make this is to use the matrix
and Incorporate this "soft knob" as a source.

- Additional LFO shapes
to recreate the side chain effect whene it is assigned to the volume
fx with a pre / post fx button swith on / off
or also use the matrix ..

- A pass band filter !

- A parrallel and / or series mode for filters
with switch button like 1/2/3/ect

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in image line sequencer (fls)
the size is to big

matrix :

-more pitch / osc semi value needed actually is one octave

-keytrack to osc volume dont work in negative value
-mod env to lfo depth dont work

-phase control for osc and lfo needed

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need sync command on the delay section
song interuption of the delay when we change the time

the plug in windows sometimes fall at the bottom on the screen in detached mode image line
it disapear behind the windows bar
work perfectly when the windows bar is on the side..

need fx destination on the matrix

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Hi there,

yes, the delay time modulation needs to be fixed. I am working on that. The fx settings are includes in the mod matrix since v120.

I cannot rteproduce this FL Studio issue - can you explain it in more detail?


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Hello Tobias, I write my wishlist I hope not to repeat the requests made by other users.

-high speed lfo capable of audio-rate (and/or oscillators available as mod sources in the matrix)I know this may cause aliasing but is useful for aggressive sounds.

-aggressive snappy mode envelope for percussion sound

-ramp oscillator (inverted saw)

-an option to reset/retrig the phase/start of the sample & old and noise oscillator(or a synced noise oscillator)this option is rare to find in a synth but I think it is very useful to create percussion sounds

-saturator/clipper on the master section